Kitchen Archive of Durham

Proudly serving the food service community in Durham since 2017

Formerly Will and Pops Commissary, Kitchen Archive of Durham has been proudly serving the food service and culinary community in Durham since 2017 with our innovative, meticulously-equipped commercial kitchen facility.

Food businesses operations ranging from small to large have called The Kitchen Archive Durham home since our opening, and we continue to innovate and work towards providing an even better, more versatile experience for food businesses of all sizes and types.

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Address: 3108 Glenn Rd. Durham, NC 27704
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What Do You Get When You Join Us?

We give you access to industrial-grade equipment and a wide range of amenities so that you can work on your business with minimal hassle and stress. We offer 24/7 secure access, gated parking, and convenient 3x/week delivery of food and drink supplies and ingredients through our contracts with US Foods, Pepsi, and South East Paper Goods.

Address: 3108 Glenn Rd. Durham, NC 27704
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  • Individual Preparation Stations
  • Cold Storage
  • Freezer
  • Stoves
  • Flat Top Grills
  • Ovens
  • Propane Filling
  • Grease Disposal
  • Sinks
  • Secured Overnight Parking
  • Completely Fenced
  • Motorized Gate
  • 24 Hour Controlled Access
  • Full-time On-Site Staff
  • WiFi
  • South East Paper Goods on-site delivery
  • Pepsi on-site delivery
  • US Foods
  • Small Kitchen Shared Space
  • Large Kitchen Shared Space

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